Flight Robotics Seminar (Seminar + Practical)

Format: 12 sessions (12 weeks) including seminars, tutorials, UAV building sessions, student presentations and a final flight demonstration

Occurrence: Offered every semester (summer and winter)

Course Level: Bachelor Students (Typically in their 4th or 5th semester)


  • Learn how to implement a controller
  • Learn how to build a quadcopter



The goal of this course is to give Bachelor students their first hands-on experience in aerial robotics. They will learn how to design, implement and analyse controllers and estimators. Moreover, they will learn how to design and build their own quadcopter robot and measure its system parameters. Additionally, the students will be introduced to the ROS programming environment, Gazebo and Matlab as well as the interfaces between them. The students will also receive training on how to use a motion capture system and fly their vehicle in a hall instrumented with such a system. Grading will be done based on a homework assignments and a presentation, which students have to prepare in groups of 1-2, on a topic such as attitude control, state estimation, etc.